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About us

Spreading the love of working with local businesses for local people

Honestly sourced

How it all started

Looking at ingredients, we have noticed how difficult it is to know where they come from and how they are made. By using mainly ingredients from the UK, we are able to really know where they are made and even meet the farmer. It supports local businesses and reduce our carbon footprint. Founded by Sandrine Henry de Hassonville, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, SONESTIA aim to be a transparent and honest brand sharing some valuable scientific information with you.

Bottle of essential oil with herbs holy basil flower, basil flower
Orangutan endangered by use of palm oil
For people and for the environment...

Ethical & Sustainable

Because it’s always possible to do better and the world around us is evolving, sustainability is an ideal towards which we continuously need to work, rather than a finished state. Working towards sustainability involves three main areas: environment, economic and social, all of which we have built into the ethos of SONESTIA.

Read further to see what SONESTIA is actually doing to be more sustainable

...and for the animals

Vegan & Cruelty free

Why use animal products on your skin? Vegan skincare is good for everyone. Be careful that natural doesn’t necessary mean vegan. Because we believe in animal welfare, we don’t use products of animal origin. As any good UK company complying with the law, we don’t test our products on animals. We don’t sell our products in China, which still requires animal testing and we don’t pay anyone else to do it.

Because natural doesn't mean safe

Safety & Quality

Freshly handmade in Saffron Walden, Essex, our products are carefully formulated by Sandrine Henry de Hassonville, who has a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology, five years’ teaching experience in Cosmetic Science and is a Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.  We select safe ingredients supported by science and ensure that all ingredients in the formulation are at the right concentration.

Sandrine, founder of SONESTIA

” My lightbulb moment came when I was reading about skincare and cosmetics on the internet and social media — I found so much misinformation and confusion, and realised that I could use my background to help others understand the complex world of cosmetics. A fun way to do this is to teach people how to make their own cosmetics and help them understand the ingredients at the same time — and so SONESTIA was born! 

Making cosmetics is so satisfying — you mix different ingredients and you end up with a beautiful skincare product. When you have the right ingredients and the right method, anybody can do it!”

With a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and 5 years teaching experience in cosmetic sciences, Sandrine Henry de Hassonville is an active Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. So you can be confident our products are made professionnally.

Sandrine Henry de Hassonville

” As a professional massage therapist and aromatherapist, I’ve used three different oils from Sonestia, Camelina oil, Revive and Soothe & Relax. I really enjoyed working with these oils. They’re very well balanced, well absorbed by the skin and my clients liked them too. “
Isabelle Bridge
” Me and my mum did a workshop to make Lip Balms. One of the reasons that I really enjoyed the workshop, was that, although three of us were children, we still got to do the making. We got to wear proper lab coats and everything. The Lip Balms smell extremely nice, and I really enjoyed the experience!“
12, Saffron Walden

What beauty bloggers say about us...

The butter is a joy to use, rich and delicious with a minty peppermint scent. It absorbs easily onto dry feet feeding them with Omegas 3 and 6, repairing and deeply nourishing.
Beauty Balm
What makes the beautiful cold-pressed oil base highly effective in both ‘Revive’ and ‘Soothe & Relax’ is the lightweight texture and absorbent nature that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and intensely moisturised without any greasy residue or heavy shine on the skin.
Beauty Folio
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